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About us

Have you ever dreamt about winning the jackpot? See the numbers on your bank account multiply and have the luxury to just do nothing - for as long as you want. At Sir Jackpot we love jackpots. We want to win big and often. That’s why we created a jackpot guide where we keep track of the jackpots for you, and we will tell you when it’s time to bet and when to wait. We want you to play when its beneficial for you. Check out our jackpot guide and you will understand what we mean.

Our job is also our hobby

Our philosophy is - if you’re going to win, why not win big? For years we searched for a casino site with all the best jackpots gathered in one place, but we didn’t find any. Until now. We want to give you a warm welcome to our casino, we think you’re going to like it.

Contact us

At our customer service we will help you with anything - big or small, 08-01 CET, all days of the week. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our casino, or if you would like to just chat with us - we promise to give you all our best jackpot advice. Good luck with your gambling, we hope you win the jackpot!